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In order to provide more prep time for our teachers and to be in compliance with the governor's guidelines for prep time our Friday's will be shortened by about an hour. School will end for all students at 1:38. It will still start at 8:15, and students will be expected to be checked in by the scheduled times. Posted below is the schedule for High School students. Elementary students and families your teacher will be providing times for each grade level. 

Regular Bell Schedule

bell schedule 

1st  hour 8:15 to 9:03

2nd hour 9:07 to 9:55

3rd hour 9:59 to 10:47

4th hour 10:51 to 11:39

5th hour grey class 11:39 to 12:28

5th hour 1st Lunch 11:39 to 12:09Second lunch 12:29 to 1:01

class 12:13 to 1:01

6th hour 1:05 to 1:53

7th hour 1:57 to 2:48

Friday only HS Schedule

1st hour 8:15-8:53 

2nd hour 8:57-9:35 

3rd hour 9:39-10:17 

4th hour 10:21-10:59 

5th hour 11:03-11:41 

6th hour 1st lunch 11:45-12:15 

6th hour class 12:18-12:56 

6th hour class 11:45-12:23

6th hour second lunch 12:26-12:56

7th hour 1:00-1:38


Friday only lunch

1st lunch

Phy Sci 9, American History 7, TA's, Career Investigation, 6th grade


2nd lunch

Painting, English 8, College Algebra, Algebra 2, Human Development

Swanville KindergartenRoundupVirtual.jpg

Quarantine Update


Most of you have probably heard that the CDC has made recommendations where quarantines may be shortened under certain circumstances.  The MN Department of Health is still recommending 14 days quarantine per exposure as the safest way.  However, their guidelines say that quarantine for exposure may be shortened to 10 days  provided these conditions are met:

1.  You have not tested positive for COVID-19, you don't have symptoms, and you will continue to watch out for possible symptoms through day 14.

2.  You will continue to mask, maintain at least a 6 foot distance from other, and follow other prevention guidelines.

3. You will isolate and get tested as soon as possible if you develop ANY symptoms of COVID-19.


We have decided to stay with the 14 days for students because we do not feel that students in our current model can maintain the 6 foot social distance criteria at all times, even though we try to maintain as much social distance as possible.If you have any questions, please contact the School Nurse Lizz Schafer, Principal Johnson or Superintendent Harthan.

Greetings Swanville families, 


We want to send a thank you to you for all of your continued support this school year as we navigate these uncharted territories. We want to send out a reminder that if you or your student is experiencing any symptoms of COVID, they NEED to remain home until a negative test is received or their quarantine has been completed. We would be able to avoid mass quarantines if students did not come to school while they are ill. Also, when a student or parent is symptomatic, all household members must also remain home until negative results are received and are shared with the school. We understand that it isn’t always easy to keep the kids home, but it is essential in keeping the students safe and in session full time. 


If your child has been in close contact with a lab confirmed positive case while at school, you have been notified. They will need to complete a 14 day quarantine, 10 days if a negative test is received. The choice to test is always up to the parents. They must stay away from any non household members during that time. They also are not allowed to attend any school functions until their quarantine period is over. If they should start to develop symptoms during that time, you may choose to get them tested and the school should be notified. 


School will resume Wednesday May 5th for those not in quarantine.  Those in quarantine  will need to check in with their teachers and attend virtual classes. If you need your students books and other materials, please contact the school.

In the event of inclement weather, school closing and cancellations are announced on tv stations WCCO 4 and KARE 11; local radio stations KLTF, WYRQ, FM 94 and KCLD. It will also appear on our website, Facebook page and the Morrison County Record website. 



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