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Just a reminder to parents and others picking up and dropping off students. We are required to leave a path for driving and handicapped spots open. Please park in a spot and have your student come to you. It's a safety concern and it's the law. 

Learning Model Decision Making Process

The Swanville School is constantly monitoring data to determine if we need to switch learning models.  The county case rate for both Morrison and Todd Counties has really increased, and some schools are now switching their learning model.  This is not the only data to consider, however.  We also need to consider local data, such as the number of cases in the community, and more importantly, the number of cases in the building. While we have had some students and staff quarantined because of close contact, we have had no confirmed cases in the building.  We get updates from both counties daily, and have weekly meetings with other Morrison County Superintendents and Morrison County Public Health.  As of 10/20/21, MorrisonCounty Public Health told us that we do not need to switch models.  This can change if situations change.


Attached is a list of data and questions we consider to help make these decisions.  This comes from our Sourcewell Regional Support Team Leader, who has been in consultation with the MN Department of Health.  This is different from what we were told this summer  when it appeared that we needed to switch models based mainly on county case rates.


Important Information for families that have one or more member symptomatic:


  • A color copy of the decision tree will be sent home with all elementary aged children. If your family requests one we can also email it to you, or print one for older students. It is also listed at the following location :

  • If you have one household member that is symptomatic (refer to Decision Tree-listed on school website), ALL household members must stay home. 

  • Household members who are symptomatic must stay home a minimum of 10 days and must be symptom free for at least 24 hours.

  • Household members who are NOT symptomatic must still stay home a minimum of 14 days. This is to account for the incubation period after a possible exposure. If the symptomatic member tests negative, other household members may return once the school is provided a copy of the negative results. 

  • Household members who are symptomatic may choose to have a COVID test done. We cannot require this. If you choose to be tested, a copy of the negative results will be required to return to school before the quarantine period is over. You are not required to share this information, but in order to return prior to the quarantine period ending you must provide documentation. This may include a doctor’s note, or a picture of the negative result (must include name). 

  • If household members who are symptomatic receive an alternate diagnosis, that may also be shared with the school in order for you to return early.

In the event of inclement weather, school closing and cancellations are announced on tv stations WCCO 4 and KARE 11; local radio stations KLTF, WYRQ, FM 94 and KCLD. It will also appear on our website, Facebook page and the Morrison County Record website. 



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Morrison County Record

Good Afternoon, 


    We at the Swanville School just wanted to send out a couple reminders to our families in an attempt to keep things here running smoothly and to hopefully keep the students in the building as long as we possibly can. 

    First, we are still in the in-person model for both our high school and elementary classes. This we feel is largely due to our increased cleaning routines that we put in place as well as having Fridays as a distance learning day. This cuts down our student contact by 20% each week allowing more time for school to be properly disinfected as well as the students to be distanced from each other. On Fridays, students need to be sure that they are checking in  to their classes each hour and then staying until dismissed, just as if they were in the building on these days to ensure that they are still getting all of the lessons that the teachers have prepared for the week and are staying on track. 

    Secondly, there are 3 options for attending school.

1. Follow the model that the school is in, which is currently fully in-person.

2. Distance learning, which at the beginning of the year was an option presented to everyone, but we established that this would be a quarterly decision. If you decide you would like to return to the in-person model, you need to contact Mrs. Johnson 

3. Distance learning short term due to COVID-19 which would include testing positive, having symptoms, or having an exposure. We have a decision tree posted on our website.

Distance learning is something that needs to have pre approval from Mrs. Johnson, and is not something that is to go day by day. If you are physically able to be in the building for school, we will expect to see you. If you are not able to attend, it will be an absence that counts against your total attendance. If you receive 10 counted absences, you will accrue detention and will not be able to participate in activities that involve getting out of school early, field trips, etc. We may also need to file truancy.

    The teachers have an up to date list of all of the approved students who are distance learning, and if you are not on that list and are not in the building, you will be marked absent, even if you check in on zoom. It is too difficult for the teachers to constantly have to check back and let students in that are supposed to be in person. It is also not fair to those students who are in the classroom since it is taking away from their class time. 


    If you have questions regarding distance learning, please contact Mrs. Johnson, 


Thank you for your cooperation, 


Swanville School Administration

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