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Innovative Funding

Innovative Schools Project

What is the Innovative Schools Project?

The Innovative Schools Project (ISP) was started in Swanville in 2019. Our board of directors

includes 7 active community members who are also parents of current or former students at

Swanville School.

Since our board began, we have funded well over $20,000+ in grants for projects that are not covered

under the school budget. Each year we continue to fund project due to the amazing support of our


How does the process work?

All staff at Swanville school may complete an application for their specific innovative request that will help

their students grow & succeed in their elementary and/or high school career. The application is then

submitted to the ISP Board, who then reviews all applications to determine if the request will help our

students succeed beyond opportunities currently available to them.

How is funding received for projects?

HERE’S WHERE YOU COME IN…Funding for these projects is received from the annual Swanville

Carnival shirt fundraiser, our annual letters to community members asking to help support our cause,

and from a matching grant we receive from Sourcewell. Without your amazing support, our projects

that help our students have new and innovative projects would not be able to continue.


The more money we raise the more money we are able to award within the school.  Any donation

made is greatly appreciated, tax deductible, & put to good use.  Please consider donating to the

Innovative School Project by using PayPal or by mailing a check to 10575 Basil Road Swanville MN


What projects have been funded so far?

Some of the projects that have been funded so far are below. This is not an all-encompassing list as

it grows weekly, however it certainly paints a picture of items we love to help support our students


  • Sit Stand Desks to help with students concentration

  • Speakers & Microphones for teachers & students in classrooms

  • Stylus pens for ipads for students learning how to write

  • Smartboard TV’s for interactive learning

  • Computer Software to bring our students the same capabilities as larger schools

  • Sensory curriculum

  • STEM learning experiences for our elementary students

  • Weight Room equipment to help our students with enrichment classes

  • Playground equipment to help our elementary students utilize their imagination.

  • Teachers-Pay-Teachers curriculum


Board Members

Mandy Barber  

Teresa Giese                 

Bill Johnson

Brittany Johnson

Brittany Jordan

Royal Loven

Kevin Zellers Jr.                                


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Feel free to message us if you have any questions.