Innovative Funding

Innovative Funding

We’ve done it! Thanks to generous donations from the Swanville Community, we have raised $5,000 & it has been matched giving us a total of $10,000 to award towards innovative ideas in our local school.  


Although we’ve reached our original goal, that doesn’t mean our task is done.  The more money we raise the more money we are able to award within the school.  Any donation made is greatly appreciated, tax deductible, & put to good use.  Please consider donating to the Innovative School Project by using PayPal or by mailing a check to 10575 Basil Road Swanville MN 56382.

Our success was made possible by the following generous donors:

David & Jean Barber

Diane Borgert

Diane Cornell

Thomas & Karen DeFrance

Carol Ducos

Tony & Teresa Giese

Betsy Giese

Gary & Roxie Grell

Richard & Julianne Gutormson

David & Liza Hasse

John & Jane Hasse

Wilma Hedin

Lonny & Michelle Hutchins

Billy Johnson

Cynthia Kircher

David & Kathy Kircher

Royal Loven

Tanya & John Loven

Duane Loxterkamp

Jeff & Renee Miller

Albert & Ardith Nelson

Donald & Connie Olson

Elaine Scherping

Jonathon & Kerrie Strandberg

Tom & Mary Swisher

Tara & Jay Thieschafer

Herb & Gladys Thompson

Roxanne Thompson

Karen VanHeel

Shawn VanHeel

Maria & Robert Vodak

Swanville Women's Civic Club

Swanville Insurance Agency

Kamps Korner

Riverside Meats & Processing

Swanville Co-Op Creamery Association