This page will serve as a resource for any information related to the COVID-19 situation. It will be updated daily as we receive information. 

  • With the world wide shortage of devices, we are patiently awaiting ours to come in. We are not handing out any of our current devices except to those families doing full distance learning that indicated that they needed one. The reason behind this decision is that we are still doing assessments on all of our elementary students for programs such as ADSIS, Title and Reading Corps. We have significant time and money invested into these programs and want to make sure we are completing the assessments that will guide us on how to best work with individual students.

  • There will be a non refundable device fee. This will depend on what type of device you are using. You will need to sign a form stating that you agree to terms. Those will be available next week. We are requiring that the form be in and the deposit paid before we will hand out devices. Until we get more, families may need to share. We will make the necessary adjustments on our end for allowing logins and work for Fridays. Also, remember that students will still have textbooks to work out of. 

  • That being said, for Friday students will still need to check in for the next few weeks. Your teacher should be sending something home about how to do that for elementary school and high school students should look for an email from EACH of their teachers. There will be a blend of reading, paperwork and on-line. We are asking for patience as we work through this.

  • We are beginning the school year with in-person learning. School will run Monday through Friday, with Friday being a distance learning day. Students will still have to check in to all of their classes and work will be presented/assigned. The school day will start at 8:15 and end at 2:45 for all students. Students may not enter the building until 7:50 a.m at the earliest.


  • If you need meals on Fridays, families will need to let the kitchen know by noon on Wednesday. You will be charged according to your regular meal rates. Meals will be delivered on Friday.


  • If at some point we need to switch to a different learning model other than in-person, parents will be notified via Infinite Campus, school webpage, and social media.


  • Everyone entering the building is required to wear masks. If a person cannot wear a mask due to health reasons, a doctor’s note is required.


  • Parents may choose in person or distance learning to start the school year. If distance learning, families may switch at the semester break. 


  • It is highly encouraged that parents check their child’s temperature and/or check for any other symptoms before the child starts getting ready for school.  If temperature and/or other symptoms, do not send the student to school. Please see our website for sick student guidelines.


  • Students will be screened before getting on the bus. If coughing, if running a fever over 100, or if other symptoms are present, students will not be allowed to board the bus. Families will need to have a plan for students that are not able to board the bus.   


  • Anyone walking, getting dropped off, or driving will need to enter through the commons doors. They will be temperature screened there using thermal imaging. Parents dropping off are asked to wait to ensure that their student(s) are not running a temperature or have other symptoms.


  • Families will need to have a plan to promptly pick up their student if they become ill during the school day.


  • All students will need a backpack, grades K-12. If you need school supplies, we have some available that were donated, contact the office.


  • All students will need to have access to a device, i.e. ipad, chromebook, laptop that they can bring to school for work. A phone is not ideal but will work until they can get home to a bigger screen. Kindergarten and first grade will have access to a chromebook that the school will provide. Preschool will not need a device unless we go to full distance learning. We have other laptops that may be used. We have iPads ordered, but those will not arrive until sometime in October due to shipping delays worldwide. Much of our homework will be run through Google Classroom or SeeSaw for primary grades. It is for this reason, students will need a device. If you do not have one, contact the office. There will be a non-refundable deposit required. Many of you have already done so, but if your situation has changed, please let us know. We will do our best to ensure that students have access to technology while in the building and modify assignments as needed. 


  • Students that are in split grades (1 and 6) will be divided into classroom teachers by the A/B groups that we are developing for hybrid learning. Families will be grouped together in either A or B groups due to busing. 


  • For more in-depth information, please see the documents on the front page of our school website. 

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