This page will serve as a resource for any information related to the COVID-19 situation. It will be updated daily as we receive information. 

  • We are beginning the school year with in-person learning. School will run Monday through Friday,  The school day will start at 8:15 and end at 3:05 for elementary and 3:10 for high school students. Students may not enter the building until 7:50 a.m at the earliest.


  • If at some point we need to switch to a different learning model other than in-person, parents will be notified via Infinite Campus, school webpage, and social media.​ 


  • It is highly encouraged that parents check their child’s temperature and/or check for any other symptoms before the child starts getting ready for school.  If temperature and/or other symptoms, do not send the student to school. Please see our website for sick student guidelines.


  • Students will be screened before getting on the bus. If coughing, if running a fever over 100, or if other symptoms are present, students will not be allowed to board the bus. Families will need to have a plan for students that are not able to board the bus.   


  • Anyone walking, getting dropped off, or driving will need to enter through the commons doors. They will be temperature screened there using thermal imaging. Parents dropping off are asked to wait to ensure that their student(s) are not running a temperature or have other symptoms.


  • Families will need to have a plan to promptly pick up their student if they become ill during the school day.​ 


  • For more in-depth information, please see the documents on the front page of our school website. 

Learning Model Decision Making Process

The Swanville School is constantly monitoring data to determine if we need to switch learning models.  The county case rate for both Morrison and Todd Counties has really increased. This is not the only data to consider, however.  We also need to consider local data, such as the number of cases in the community, and more importantly, the number of cases in the building.   We get updates from both counties frequently, and have weekly meetings with other Morrison County Superintendents and Morrison County Public Health.  

Health Screening Checklist.jpg